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Join our discord by clicking here to get immediate help.

Custom / Bespoke Requests

Want a specific tournament bracket or feature designed just for you to run at your events? Send us a message over at Team Siberian Warlords, and we'll work something out.

Bug Reporting

If you think you've found a bug, please log it at

Please prefix the title of the bug report with [WEB] if the bug has occurred on the website or [API] if using the Rampage API.

Include as much as you can, the better the detail, the easier identifying the code in question. We will get back to you with regards to an ETA for a fix.

If you feel you want to disclose the bug privately, please get in touch on my Facebook page.

Other Enquiries

For anything else, please email ben AT bugglebots DOT com


If you feel that you'd like to donate a small amount to help with Rampage running costs then you are most welcome to. Feel free to use my PayPal.Me link to donate or choose to upgrade your Rampage account to get exclusive features. It's up to you! :)